Thursday, 7 August 2014

My Speech

Purpose: To convince my audience 
Topic: Why we need two day weekends 

You are bonkers if you think coming to school every Saturday is all right for kids! I've got more important stuff instead of work for Six days. Kia ora my name is Jaecib and I'm here to convince you why we need two day weekends to remain.

Firstly, I miss my family all the nice food they cook for dinner and lunch.I have to give up six hours from my beautiful family and that's not OK, not an option for me . That's why two day weekends should remain.

Secondly, if I come on Saturdays I wont be able to think and I can’t focus on my learning that will be a complete waste of time . That's I believe that two weekends should remain.

Thirdly, I play sport on Saturday . I am the hook for Kaikohe rugby club. I will be letting down our team and we don't let team members down, so if I come to school every Saturday I'll be missing out on on being in a team because I need to learn how it feels to be in a team. That’s why I think that two day weekends should remain.

In conclusion I've given you three great reasons why two day weekends should remain...
1- I need quality family time!
2- I won't be able to focus
3-I need to play sport and I'm part of a team!
That's why I 100% believe two day weekend should stay. I'm Jaecib Kire and thanks for listening to my speech.     

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