Thursday, 7 August 2014

Recount: A time I was successful.
WALT: Retell of a past experience  
WILF Audience has all the information needed. 

"Come parachuting with me" my brother asked. "OK Ill come" I said scared. We got ready and walked  over to the parachuting place. There was a huge black and green helicopter sitting there on a helipad. This is when things got real.

I started to freak. What happens if I pull the wrong string.I'd die. Nine is to young to die. 

They strapped me to my brothers chest then I herd the helicopters engines start. I got nervous. We went very very high. I was looking down I said to my brother "that is a very long drop" "it is" my brother replied. 

We got ready to jump he asked me if I was ready.I was! We leaped from the helicopter. In a blink of an eye we were falling like rain drops.  It was a long time, it felt like forever. 

My brother pulled the rope. I heard a loud noise at the back of us, it was our parachute. It was rainbow coloured. Now we were just relaxing up in over head view. 

I felt scared while we were gliding from the sky it was scary and fun at the same time. I was proud of myself for doing it! I'm nine and I've jumped out of a plane!  

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