Thursday, 20 November 2014

W.A.L.T: Tell our audience how we feel about our school being vandalised.

What kind of person likes smashing windows?
Who thinks it is fun smashing windows?
On Friday night over 16 windows got smashed at Kaikohe West School. No one knows who would come up here just to smash windows.

Our poor caretaker had to spend his night putting frames around the broken windows.I’m sure our caretaker would rather be tucked up in bed.

Our poor tamariki couldn't even go into their class because of all glass.

Our kaiako had to split their classes up so the tamariki would be safe.

Who would want to get cut?

If you see people jumping the school fence tell someone and if you see people smashing windows call 111.

This is our school I like my school.